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Provide operating control and system shutdown on loss of main burner flame in direct ignition central heat furnaces and heating appliances with hot surface igniter.


  • S89C,G,J are for systems with a combination igniter- sensor.
  • S89C lock out after one try for ignition. S89G,H provide three tries for ignition before lockout, with 30 sec. min. purge before second and third tries.
  • Compatible with Norton 201 and 271 or equivalent hot surface igniters.
  • Available with leadwires for line voltage connections.
  • Modules can be used on either natural or LP gas; they provide 100 percent shutoff of gas on lockout.
  • Modules have relay contacts for use with any direct ignition gas control with max. 2.0 A, 24 Vat rating.
  • Modules use rectification principle for flame sensing. -40 F to +175 F (-40 C to +79 C) temperature rating.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
5 1/4 in. high x 4 1/16 in. wide x 1 15/16 in. long
Dimensions (mm)
133 mm high x 103 mm wide x 49 mm deep
Item Type
Electrical Ratings
24 Vac
60 Hz
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
File 112491_0_000
Flame Failure Response Time (sec)
2.0 sec. @ 2.5 microamp
Ambient Temperature Range (C)
-40 C to +79 C
Ambient Temperature Range (F)
-40 F to +175 F
Ignition System Type
Direct Hot Surface Ignition
Ignition Sequence
Single trial for main burner ignition (then shut down and lockout)
Typical Gas Control
VR8205, VR8305
Type of Gas
Natural or LP
Flame Sense
Single Rod
Ignition Source
Line Voltage (120 VAC) Hot Surface Element (Norton Model 201)
Ignition Trials To Lockout
Lockout Timing
15 sec.
Ignition Trial Time (sec)
15 sec.
Maximum Valve Load @ 24 Vac (Amps)
Typical Ignition Hardware
Norton 201
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