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This system is specially designed for large floor heating applications exceeding 15A.


  • Here's how it works
  • A floor heating area exceeding 15A is separated into zones, with a linked unit responsible for heating each zone.
  • All linked units are controlled by a master thermostat responsible for settings/programming of the entire floor.
  • No settings dial. Settings controlled by master means units can be installed anywhere
  • ON/STANBY switch enables unit's heating area to be shut down independently of other heating areas
  • Built-in GFCI/EGFPD with test light. No need to buy separate safety cutoff.

Product Specifications

Master unit for radiant floor
Dimensions (in.)
4.9 in. X 2.8 in. X 0.9 in.
Dimensions (mm)
124 mm X 70 mm X 23 mm
Aube AC112-01 15-feet / 4.6-m floor sensor
Used With
Aube CT230-120GA, CT230-120GB, CT230-240GA or CT230-240GB Floor Heating Slave Units; Aube AC112-01 North American Floor Sensor (15-feet / 4.6-m)
With Backlit Display; works with up to 10 CT230 slave units
Item Type
Electrical Ratings
Maximum Load: 75 mA @ 12 VDC
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
Approved; Compliant to CAN/CSA-C828-06
Electrical Connections
6 in. (150 mm) tinned copper lead wires
Supply Voltage
75 mA @ 12 VDC
Switch Positions (System)
AF (ambient + floor)/ F (floor only); Display format: F/12 h or C/24h; Early Start function: Enabled or Disabled
Operating Temperature Range (F)
32 F to 122 F
Operating Temperature Range (C)
0 C to 50 C
Power Method
Ambient Temperature Range (C)
0 C to 60 C
Ambient Temperature Range (F)
32 F to 140 F
Sensor Element
Switch Type
7 Day program
Temperature Control Mode Selections
Ambient Air; Floor
Setting Temperature Range (F)
Ambient: 40 F to 86 F; Floor limit: 40 F to 104
Setting Temperature Range (C)
Ambient: 5 C to 30 C; Floor limit: 5 C to 40 C
Parts Needed for Operation (not included) - Non-Zoned System
Must be linked to at least 1 slave unit (CT-230-XXXXXX)
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