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3-way Rplcmnt cartridge for VC valves


Replacement cartridge for VC series 3-way valves with quick open flow

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The cartridges used in VC-Series valves determine the Cv(kv) rating and flow of a valve body and can be replaced to match original factory specifications. 1000-series cartridges fit all 2-way VC bodies. 6000-series cartridges fit all 3-way VC bodies.


  • Use VCZZ1XXX with two-way valves.
  • Use VCZZ6XXX with three-way valves.
  • Quick and easy replacement of moving parts.
  • Restores valve to factory-new conditions.
  • Using different cartridge changes Cv and flow characteristic of body.
  • Identical cartridge can have different Cv in bodies of different sizes.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
1 1/2 in. diameter x 3 1/8 in. high
Dimensions (mm)
37 mm diameter x 80 mm high
Used With
Three-way VC Cartridge Valves with 14 lbf
All On-Off VC series actuators
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
CSA Certified
Valve Type
Replacement cartridge for VC series
Controlled Fluid
Water w/max of 60% Glycol. Not for use with Steam
Materials (Stem)
Stainless Steel
Materials (Cartridge)
EPDM, Ryton & Noryl plastic
Flow Characteristic
Quick Opening
Stem Travel (in.)
0.4 in.
Stem Travel (mm)
10 mm