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Product Label Program: Customize Products with Your Company Name | Resideo

The following base models are going end of life but will remain orderable while supplies last. When we are no longer able to fulfill new PLP orders we will inactivate the current part numbers to prevent additional orders. There are replacements available for all parts being inactivated. You can add the replacement part to your existing label by looking up the label and then adding the new part.  Download the instructions from here. Please reach out to or your Resideo Sales Rep with questions.

End of Life ModelReplacement Model

Product label programs let you customize Honeywell Home products with your company name so customers always know who to call for service and support.

​In the attached PowerPoint you will find step by step instruction on how to set up labels and parts in the Private Label Program.  Download the instructions from here.

For help

Click below to get started on your private labels.

Private Label Program

​Imprint your business name directly on residential equipment so customers know who to call for future HVAC service, support and upgrades.