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  • Simplify Your Truck this Season

    Resideo’s universal products can replace 100’s of OEM parts

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  • Connected Water Solutions

    ​Manage household water usage, detect leaks, and shut off water remotely or automatically. The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller helps people make smart decisions about water usage and protect homes from water damage. Plus, it's easy for a pro to install.


  • ENERGY STAR certification

    ​​With Honeywell Home, you can meet the needs of your customers knowing that our complete connected portfolio has received ENERGY STAR certification


  • T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLINK™ Room Sensor

    ​​Introducing a smart new way to help homeowners prioritize comfort in the rooms that matter most.


  • Hydronic systems

    ​​Hydronic zoning with redesigned zoning panel to give you the features you need to complete the job quickly, in a format that’s easier to understand and install. The T6 Pro Hydronic thermostat gives homeowners improved control and contractors installation ease.


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